Don't Expect Even Par To Win
By Kickntrue on 6/16/09
US Opens are always set up to be a brutal test. Wet conditions and a more reasonable setup at Bethpage could have scores going lower than in the past.
GÇ£It all depends on where they want to set the tees,GÇ¥ said [Kenny] Perry, who is playing in his 11th United States Open. GÇ£They have a lot of options out there to make the golf course play any way they want it to play. The greens are not very fast now. They are very soft and receptive and will hold anything you throw at them. And I donGÇÖt think that will change.GÇ¥
I like this. I don't want scores to be at -20 or anything, but it wouldn't be terrible to see a guy win at -8 or -9. I think the best setup is one that gives the advantage to a risk with a reward, but punishes missed shots. In the past- I feel like the risk was never worth it- so people played to just not lose.

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bducharm says:
Last time, Tiger won with -3. I predict -5 or -6 will win this time.
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