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Don't Mess With This Broad
By Kickntrue on 6/17/09
This may be the best golf cart story we've ever posted. A 72 year old woman chased down her ex-boyfriend fleeing in a golf cart and stabbed him with a screwdriver!
Police say a 72-year-old Florida woman in a Chrysler van took out after her 74-year-old former boyfriend when he fled in a golf cart after she allegedly tried to stab him with a screwdriver, the Highlands Today newspaper reports.


During an argument, according to the police report, Tarr became upset and said, "I'm going to kill you due to you messing up my life and me being a wreck." He allegedly backed that up with a few swipes from her screwdriver.

That sent the man fleeing in his golf cart with Tarr in hot pursuit in the van, the report says. The chase continued alongside his house and into the backyard, according to police.
The only thing this sotry needs is more detail. Seriously, you couldn't put this in a movie it's so unbelieveable. Can you imagine seeing a guy riding down the street in his ClubCar and a crazy old lady chasing him through yards in her Astro?!

Comedy Gold! ... well, at least for the viewers. The boyfriend with screwdriver stab wounds may disagree.

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kis3r says:
HAHAHA!!! Made my day! Thanks for sharing.
activesense says:
She misheard him when she asked what he wanted for his birthday. What he said was, "SUPRISE ME WITH A NEW DRIVER".... sorry, I couldn't stop myself from typing that.
falcon50driver says:
activesense, you are so right, old folks don't hear so good anymore, after she thought he said "stab me with a screwdriver" she got pissed and said "shut up" and he thought she said "get up" so when he stood up was on.
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