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Oakmont Gets 2016 Open
By Kickntrue on 6/19/09
The USGA announced that Oakmont will host the 2016 US Open. It will be the 9th time the course has hosted the event, the most in US Open history.

Look... it's an awesome course. I get that. But with all the amazing courses in the United States, do we really have to go back to the same course within the same decade? The US Open was held at Oakmont in 2007. Bethpage Black- great course, but same principle applies. Do not that many courses want the honor and they're not tossing their names into the hat? Just seems odd to me.

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ToddRobb says:
Some of the great courses don't have the infrastructure to handle a major tournament. There's a world of behind the scenes issues that have to be addressed in order to even be considered for a major to come to your course. One of the main reasons it made it to Bethpage is because they have the transportation, hotels, land for media and sponsors, volunteers to work the event, security, AND an incredible course on top of all that.
Kickntrue says:
...but there have to be more than 9 or 10 courses that fit this bill, right?
ToddRobb says:
I would have to say no more than 9 or 10 that exactly fit the model. The others that are border line have to actually campaign to get the USGA to consider them, and most don't feel it's worth the effort. It's kind of the same way as the Superbowl, how they seem to have it at the same places over and over. Whenever you have masses of people traveling from different parts of the world to see an event, it puts that event in a different category.
WhiteRabbit says:
Yes, back to the best.
erik_jm says:
Chambers Bay in University Place, WA [Hosting the 2015 Open] has absolutely no infrastucture, transportation or hotels. I grew up in UP and my Mother's house is next to the course. I'm exited about it coming to the Pacific Northwest but as of now, I have no clue how they'll support it. The don't even have a club house yet.
ToddRobb says:
erik_jm, you can best believe within the next 6 years your old "hood" will be getting some upgrades, that's why they gave them so much notice.
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