Does Your CEO Secret Golf?
By klangdon on 6/23/09
Many CEO's are worried about being seen playing golf, because it looks bad in this economy when the company may be not hiring, cutting budgets or even laying off employees.


That's my opinion. A CEO may be ridiculously overpaid and you can argue that till your face is blue (somewhere else, please) but why shouldn't someone be able to spend their money how they want? You aren't criticized for golfing when you should really be saving for your rent or kid's college education.


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mjaber says:
I don't have a problem with anybody golfing, as long as they aren't leaving work every day after 3 hours to go play for the rest of the day.

I also don't have a problem if the company pays for an occasional round in an attempt to "schmooze" a potential customer. Sure, you spend a couple hundred of the companies money on an afternoon of mostly fun, but if it leads to new business that could mean hunders of thousands or millions of dollars for the company. There needs to be a limit of how often it's done, and never should the company be paying for a personal membership to a country club, but a round to gain a new customer is OK in my book.
kidputter says:
I play at least once per week on the company. I use it as a way to obtain new clients. I find it much easier to get a person to make a deal on the course than on the street, office restaurant or bar. I AM the CEO. I've spent about $1000 to generate about $10,000 worth of business. I've also found new employees that way.
waigo says:
I agree with kidputter. I play with regularly with my clients, both at my expense and the company's. It's an excellent way to have a candid conversation about business and personal topics, and more often than not - I come away with new business. If anything, not going out for a hit costs the company.
Lerxst says:
The CEO of my company doesn't hide cuz I play play with her. :)
ForeKris says:
guys, your companies hiring?
PingRhoda says:
haha no kiddin
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