John Daly Wrecks His Bus
By Kickntrue on 6/23/09
John Daly wrecked his RV/Bus in Alabama when trying to go under a ilow clearance bridge.
According to the traffic accident report from the Mobile Police Department, Daly was traveling eastbound toward the tunnel. A sign warns that the tunnel entrance is just 12 feet high, and dangling chains determine if a vehicle is too tall.

In his witness report, Jimmy Roberson of Mobile was just exiting the tunnel when the fan and awnings on top of Daly's RV crashed into his 1998 Cadillac DeVille. Roberson's windshield, roof and trunk were damaged in the 2:32 p.m. accident, according to the police report.
Daly of course, has disputed some of the facts and has said that police told him this bridge gets people all the time and that the chains supposedly in place were not. It also seems the driver of the car is seeing money signs and thinks he was hurt. Daly Tweeted about the experience and isn't so sure anyone can sustain neck and back injuries from debris hitting a car roof. I'd tend to agree with Big John on this one.

Still... how does stuff like this just seem to follow him?

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bducharm says:
Poor John!!!
oobscott2 says:
i actually think this is kind of funny
KenRobbins says:
Man I really hate that for John he is trying so hard
falcon50driver says:
His LIFE is a train wreck.
kidputter says:
No, Merlin. His life is an RV wreck.
I was in an accident years ago where a load of cinder blocks fell on the roof of my truck. I sustained head and shoulder injuries and was laid up for 2 1/2 months. It can happen. As far as seeing $ signs, doesn't almost EVERYONE have that thought once in their lives?
rxman says:
No matter what people may day, John Daly is one heck of a DRIVER
rxman says:
No matter what people may Say, John Daly is one heck of a DRIVER
JDoughMO says:
On a positive note, I didn't see anywhere in the article that this incident was alcohol related!
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