You are course-only smoker?
Golf Course Vice
By Kickntrue on 6/25/09
Do you have anything you do on the golf course that you wouldn't anywhere else? I used the term "vice" in the headline, so I am looking for things more towards the negative, though I certainly wouldn't think all answers would fall into that category at all.

The things I think people probably do on the golf course, but wouldn't anywhere else are these:

Smoke (cigars)
and maybe Drink, though I'd guess drinking alcohol is something you either do or don't do and wouldn't be limited to just a golf course quite like cigar smoking may be.

Your thoughts? I know I'm missing some good ones. Which of these are you most guilty of?

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mjaber says:
I have a tendency to talk to myself. I'll mutter to myself as I'm taking my practice swings things like "keep your head down", "nice, easy swing", "nice and smooth", "trust the club", "keep your arm straight". Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. When it doesn't, my next practice swing usually includes calling myself something rather obscene at the end.
The Albatross says:
I smoke cigarettes and drink more beer on the golf course than anywhere else, but I don't do either exclusively on the golf course. Nor do I smoke and drink every time (or even half the time probably). I actually tend to swear less on the course, not that my scores justify the lack of obscenities.
leeheppjr says:
I call myself by name, no where else would I dream of it. I sound like my dad when I used to get in trouble as a kid. I also take a occasional dip or smoke from a pal, but not so much anymore.
Kickntrue says:
Mine is def temper flare ups. I'm almost never angry, to the point where my wife has wondered if I ever can get angry. Well.. she doesn't follow me on the course. I've broken multiple clubs from throwing them at my cart or anything else that gets in my way.
Ben Crane says:
Public urination
Kickntrue says:
@ben crane... Good one.
nickmomrik says:
+1 for Public urination
M.Nugent says:
Kicking inanimate objects, such as carts, golf bags, and the occasional tree...
Kickntrue says:
@M.Nugent- that has to hurt... I suggest kicking a water bottle.
CFHood says:
+2 for Public urination.
Trevor Spring says:
Clean my balls in public...
Kickntrue says:
@springer +5 for creativity
Bud says:
+3 for public urination
TimmyBede says:
+4 for public urination and drinking beers in the morning hours.
windmedia says:
+4 Public U!
+2 for Cigars
Refuse to tell my wife what to do!
tennesseeboy says:
All of you public urination guys need to get some class. I always go behind a tree.
Tim Horan says:
I cuss, drink, get "mad-dog" angry all of the time but the only thing that I do on course that I don't do elsewhere is pray! Only to the golfing gods though.
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