Bad Round? Burn It Down!
By Kickntrue on 6/25/09
Someone in the Cincinatti, Ohio, area must not have played well on Monday. They burned down the Indian Ridge Golf Course clubhouse overnight causing over $1M in damage. A $5k reward is being offered for anyone with information.

You'd really think they'd come up with a better damage/reward ratio. If I know dirt on someone who did something this damaging, I'm probably more afraid of what that person would do to me than $5k is worth. Now for $25k... I think I could take my chances and talk.

Anyway- the fire was ruled arson- and the clubhouse is no more. Hopefully the person will be caught, and then the moral of the story will be: Learn to break clubs, not clubhouses. Until then... the punk kind of got away with it.

Anybody know anything about the course or the situation? It looks like at least a couple oobers play it on a regular basis.

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greendevil says:
It appears the course is still open for playing; this excerpt is from


"In spite of the fire that destroyed the clubhouse, the course is open and all outings will take place. Their phone is working and they are accepting tee times, 513-524-GOLF, (and they would appreciate the business). Snacks and drinks are available."
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