Woods Ready For Her Debut
By Kickntrue on 6/25/09
Cheyenne Woods, Tiger's niece and freshman at Wake Forest, will make her LPGA debut this weekend at the Wegmans LPGA on a sponsor's exemption.

How come I feel like we won't hear the same cries we heard about Michelle Wie getting a chance to play in a place she didn't earn? Do you think she'd really be getting an exemption is she wasn't related to Tiger? Outside of that fact, it seems she's "just" (able to kick my butt on the course) a normal 18 year old with enough talent to make a college golf team.

She finsihed Round 1 at +3.

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M.Nugent says:
Thats a decent score, im sure she is good enough to make the LPGA eventually but youre right, she probably shouldnt be there yet
jdubbsmith007 says:
I think given time she will become a great player.... Time will tell.....
Mr. Black says:
I have never seen her play or taken a look at her stats... but the fact that she is related in my opinion really doesnt have a whole lot to do with how good she could be. besides playing tips there is nothing that tiger has given her through having the woods name that any of us could not achieve. take a look at michael jordan's son who just stopped playing basketball. just because you have a name doesn't mean your path is already determined.
Mr. Black says:
and i'm not saying she won't become great... just that we shouldn't come up with opinions just based on a name.
Jake Bogardus says:
MR. Black I agree with you from a talent perspective, that the name doesn't help her, but it does help her in the sense that she is able to get an exemption like this. The experience is invaluable. And lets say she gets more of these in the future, one good week where everything goes in and all the sudden she is exempt for many events, so the name does help.
JWHpurist says:
I would find it pleasant if this young lady rose to a higher level of performance than MW in a shorter period of time, and with less "Hoop La". This would have a positive impact on Junior Golf and the growth of golf in general. JWHpurist
Patrick McKay says:
If she starts playing well she could finally be a face for the LPGA. She is good looking and has a name that sells merchandise..We shall see!
Tremelle says:
Yes, she is easy on the eyes. I am sure Nike is already creating the ladies version of the V series club with her as the spokeswoman. Does anyone have handy or know what MW scored in her first LPGA tournament?
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