Lucas Glover Takes A Pie
By Kickntrue on 6/26/09
Lucas Glover was introduced on the tee at his practice round on Wednesday at this week's Tour stop, the Travelers Championship, and took a pie in the face. Johnson Wagner, one of Lucas' best Tour buddies pulled the gag.
Explains Wagner's caddie, Steve Hale, who was in on the prank: "This started three-four weeks ago at Memorial. Johnson and I were talking about it. We were having a practice round and saying, 'Why doesn't it ever happen in golf? We're doing interviews all day Monday and Tuesday.' You see baseball players do it all the time. It would be perfect. We were having this conversation with Lucas. He goes, (imitating Glover's Southern accent), 'That's a great idea. That would be so funny.'"
This is just another example of golfers other than the trinity (Woods, Mickelson, Daly) who can come to the forefront when showing their personalities. From the video you can see Glover took it with great humor and had a lot of fun with it.

Idea Number 436 On Making Golf Better: More Pies To The Face!

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HotBacon says:
Good stuff. I bet he felt like crap for the rest of the round, sweaty, and sticky.
PGA Tour Driven says:
ya the only thing is that it wasnt whoop was shaving cream. It stung lucas eyes a little bit but he was a good sport and thought it was a good joke.
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