Trump Turns Down LPGA
By Kickntrue on 6/26/09
Donald Trump has been wanting a major golf championship at his Trump National-Bedminster golf club for four years. I guess the LPGA Tour isn't good enough, because they wanted to have their LPGA Champinship at the course, but Donald turned them down.
"They came here, they wanted to be here and I turned them down," Trump said. "They wanted it for more than one year and I didn't want to commit the course for more than one year."

The LPGA Championship (formerly known as the McDonald's LPGA Championship) recently spent its last year at its home at Bulle Rock Country Club in Maryland, earlier this month. Tour rookie Anna Nordquist won what was considered by many to be a lackluster event, with low attendance and television ratings.
I'd love to rail into Trump on this one- but not sure I can. I'm not sure tying yourself into long-term deals with the LPGA is an amazing idea right now.

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Frankie C says:
If Mr. Trump would please contact me so I can play a few rounds of golf on his course, I'll be better able to determine whether a US Open or PGA Championship should be contested there.

Frankie C
Kickntrue says:
@Frankie- Nice.. I'm sure you would. Make sure I'm in your foursome.
Lexus Keoninh says:
the Jr Am will be held there and I will let you fellows know what I think of it after my 2 practice rounds, 2 tourny rounds, and hopefully a few more match play rounds. This will take place on both the new and old course.
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