Making A Push For The Hall?
Prime Aged Perfection
By Kickntrue on 6/28/09
Forget the up-and-coming young guns of golf. Lately, it's been the old guys kicking butt. At the start of the final round of the Travelers Championship the top 3 players are all... how do I says... experienced.

Paul Goydos who's been playing revived golf the past two years leads the way, followed by Kenny Perry who could win his 6th event since the beginning of 2008 with a win, and David Toms who probably has as much high-level experience in his career as Perry or Goydos combined, lead the way.

We've seen the golf Vijay Singh has been able to sustain in his 40's and as Mickelson's age starts to creep up- it seems like he still has plenty of game left, too. For all the hype about young players and what they could be... why does it seem like the old gaurd is actually better, and continuing to widen the gap?

Is it because they are smarter, or does golf just not require the young flexible "better-body" advantages as 25 year old has?

Travelers Final Round Leaderboard

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JWHpurist says:
Maturity, the continued acquisition of skill & mental tenacity, and the understanding of one's physical capabilities permits many players to achieve high performance levels in the later years of their carrers. History has shown this to be the case in the past! This creates much greater interest in this Game! JWHpurist
Trip says:
I agree. Also, younger players play more of a "high risk, high reward" type of golf. When the bounces go their way, they are on top of the leaderboard, when they don't, well, see above story...
mjaber says:
I caught something on Golf Channel with someone analyzing KP's swing. Unlike the younger guys, he releases his hips back during his back swing, which cuts down on the tourque and strain on his lower back. I think they said that Vijay has a similar move on his back swing.
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