Virtual US Open Winners Crowned
By Kickntrue on 6/29/09
The winners of the Virtual US Open were crowned over the weekend. I'm kind of glad I didn't win... I don't need to be admitting quite how much time I spend playing games while working. The USGA along with teamed up to offer regular Joe's a chance to play Bethpage Black online in the most real experience available... outside of walking outside and swinging a real golf club.

I really shouldn't joke (this is mostly jealously), because I must admit I tried to qualify for the finals and fell WAY short. That said- I'm a little concerned about the amount of hours dedicated to the game to win, especially since the first place winner was named, "NASAGolfer." If he really works for NASA (Wayne Stopak, real name) then I feel like I'm being cheated a little with my tax money and my American space program.

Anyway- you can now play Bethpage Black as a regular course on the website. You can still only hit the ball 235 yards off the tee though, so... sorry about that.

Virtual US Open Winner Announced

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Backquak says:
I'm glad to hear someone else is struggling with wgt, I think its more frustrating than the real game on a really bad day. And the scores people are posting tells me I'm obviously doing something wrong. The closest to the pin games seam like they would be fun, but I suck. I think you have to upgrade your clubs to get anything done in this game but I dont want to spend money on virtual golf clubs and then find out its my internet connection.

NASAGolfer needs to get back to figuring out how mars is going to save our planet or make a car run on a rubber band or something:)
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