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By Kickntrue on 6/30/09
Check out "Golf in America" tonight on Golf Channel for a cool story about a golf course in Louisiana inside of a prison. Prison View Golf Course is open to the public and maintained by the inmates as a reward for good behavior, though the inmates are not allowed to actually play the course.
even those who will never be released GÇö most of the 5,000-plus inmates are violent offenders and more than half are serving a life sentence GÇö have an incentive to work on the almost 50-acre course: It is, he says, the closest thing to freedom many will experience.

"The golf course is so large and open," Cain said. "It's a beautiful place to work. It has roughs and water, even alligators."
I've seen a bunch of commercials for the new show on Golf Channel, but haven't caught an episode yet. I think I'll set the DVR for this. Has anyone seen the show? I think it may only be 1 or 2 episodes in.

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joepro23 says:
I think ESPN also did a special on this course a few years ago. They interviewed some golfers who play there and inmates that work there. I love the tee marker.
Mjw71772 says:
The show was on last week as well, they talked about the Greenbrier in WVA, and how beneath it is what is now a museum that was to be used as a cold war hideout for congress and the senate. Some other very cool stories. I think they will run this for a while. It seems to be pretty awesome. As far as Angola, I heard rumors that you have to apply to play there, and they do a background check on you, not sure if I believe that, I guess I will wait for tonight to see what they say. Either way, I will be swinging that way after a small deployment to Iraq and I will definitely hit this course up.
JWHpurist says:
This program is worthwhile! The production and information are quite good and should develop a better understanding of Golf In America! JWHpurist
ibashdaily says:
There is a course here in PA called Glen Mills, which is maintained exclusively by the Glen Mills School. The Glen Mills School is a school for "court referred young men" and really provides a good future for those in the school lucky enough to get into the program. It is a great program that not only provides income for the school and a place for troubled children to learn, the golf course itself is absolutely immaculate. Far and away the nicest course that I have ever played. It's the most difficult also, so make sure you bring plenty of balls.
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