Cleveland Irons Offer
By Kickntrue on 6/30/09
How much do you like Cleveland irons? If you trust what they're building- thier new promotional offer is pretty crazy.

You buy a set of Cleveland irons now. In two years you send them back- and they will send you the newest set of irons they have in 2011. So basically, you're getting two sets of irons for the price of one, though you only ever get to have one set of irons at a time. You are admitting that you always want the newest gear, and that you think the 2011 clubs will be an improvement so you're purchasing both at once now.

It's very clever on Cleveland's part, and I do think some people could benefit from it (like Boo Weekley or Vijay Singh), but let's examine both the fine print- and what you're actually signing up for. First- you must buy them from a registered Cleveland dealer at regular retail price which I think is code for MSRP. When is the last time you paid the MSRP on golf clubs? Second, you have to register the clubs online, no biggie there. Third- you can send them back in 2 years for the newest set, but the clubs are inspected for damage and will be sent back if they are deemed to be too beat up. Sounds pretty subjective.

I can get over steps 2 and 3, but step one is what bothers me most. If I pay full price for a set of clubs, in reality I may be paying as much as I would for 2 sets of clubs if I found the best deal online. Also- I lose all choice down the road (which is obviously where the cleverness comes in from Cleveland). In 2011 I can't choose the best new irons for my game- I'm already locked-in to the new set from Cleveland Golf.

To be clear- I've never played Cleveland anything... so I can't speak to the quality of their equipment, though I'm sure it's solid. What I do know though- is that while this is marketing genius, it's also a win for Cleveland more than it may be a win for the buyer. Of course- if you can find one of these sets for $300-$400 that qualifies, and you trust the Cleveland product line... then by all means... make it happen!

Cleveland Golf Promotion Details

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AbsoluteZero says:
regular retail is simply the price that places like tgw, golf discount, dicks sporting goods, etc. charge (exclusing any sales price). If you don't know, don't speculate.

Cleveland makes pretty solid stuff. I've played their drivers, irons and wedges before. I've moved on, although I still carry one Cleveland wedge, but I'll try there stuff again next time I look to buy some new gear.
Kickntrue says:
@az- even if it is a good price- you're still locked into their gear which is a plus for them. I'm actually applauding them for a great marketing idea. I'm just saying it's not as great for the customer as it sounds if you really think of all the ramifications of it.
dtak84 says:
How much can you sell a used set of clubs for?
I honestly have no idea, but this is like trading in used for brand new... And then you can just sell these new ones for more then you could've gotten on the used set right?
mmontisano says:
Cleveland wedges are still the gold standard. TONS of Tour pros use them even when they're endorsed by someone else. like Kenny Perry playing a Titleist ball when he's endorsed by Taylormade. some pros go against their endorsers because the product is just plain better.

i have been playing Cleveland stuff for at least the last 12 years. it started with the Cleveland VAS putter and i've ventured into their other products since then and haven't been let down once. it actually took me a year and a half to find a solid replacement for my old, beat up Launcher that i used to play.
jjgibb0 says:
I think that's a great deal....for me to poop on! -Triumph
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