3 Aces In 18 Days
By Kickntrue on 6/30/09
If you have 3 hole-in-ones in 18 days like Ricky Langston of Greenville, Texas, you need to quit golfing and start playing the lottery.
Langston had, count 'em, three holes-in-one in the month of June at Greenville Country Club. And these were not obscure events. Because he plays regularly with a large group of golfers, at least nine people witnessed each shot. Three people witnessed all three.

For Langston, the aces have meant some rather large bar tabs. And some sleepless nights.

"Some nights I'll just lay in bed and I can't go to sleep," Langston said. "I'll be thinking about the odds of this kind of thing happening.
Yah-- I'd be staying up too if I didn't know how I could pay my next credit card bill. He needs to stop having people see them all!

On the other side of the spectrum- there is golfer Craig Harris from Sandpoint, Idaho. Until last week- his last ace was over 40 years ago, when he was on his high school golf team. He just made his 2nd of his life last week.

Of course- considering I've had a total of 0 aces, I'm not going to feel too much sorrow for Mr. Harris, no matter how jealous he may be of Langston from Texas. In fact- I'm just getting madder and madder as I type this. Why do either of them deserve aces?

Oh... uh huh.... right... yah.

I've been informed because they are better than me at golf.

... still pisses me off though!

3 Aces/18 Days
2 Aces/40 Years
0 Aces/Forever

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kidputter says:
I'm due for another ACE soon. Been six months since the last one.
3 ACES in one month? This guy probably has 18 kids, too. He needs to enter EVERY tourney with a HIO contest at his course.... and send me one of the prizes.
activesense says:
Wow, I can't even hit 3 greens-in-one in a month. Good shooting, Ricky.
Kickntrue says:
Looks like a recent oober has some luck!- oobgolf.com/golfers/score.php?id=500231
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