Where Have You Gone Anthony Kim?
By Kickntrue on 7/1/09
Testing. Check. Check. Eckhumm. Paging Anthony Kim. Has anyone seen the real Anthony Kim? Last seen as budding superstar one year ago this week.

Seriously, Anthony Kim has ridden the wave of (deserved) hype, but he hasn't really contended in a golf tournament since last year's win at Congressional Country Club. Now he'll have a chance to repeat, and do it with El Tigre in the field.

Kim, while still young at 24, has had an interesting career to date. Future star, Overhyped, Failure, Focused, Champion, No-Show. Did I miss anything?

Will Kim end up being one of the future stars of golf or will he be another in a long line of talented players who seem to be hit or miss every week while collecting a paycheck?

Kim's Rough Year

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mjaber says:
Perhaps he left his game at the Ryder Cup...
bducharm says:
Success brings other things like endorsements. With this comes distractions. When young players are up and coming they focus strictly on golf and honing their craft. Distractions such as corporate outings, video games, company endorsements, etc. take the focus away from honing the craft to gather as much cash as possible. It's difficult to say NO to money being thrown their way.
TWUES17 says:
Maybe it had something to do with that bottle of tequila you ordered at 3am last night...
Eric Duquene says:
Sorry I watched the tee it up with Tiger when he had Kim on there as well and Kim seemed like an idiot. Almost like he didn't know how to make the shots he just does it. Tiger asked him do you have any specific way you warm up? No... I just kind of hit whatever... and Tiger comes back saying how he has a strict warmup regimen. Tiger asks him how do you hit a low flyer into the wind... Kim says I dont know sometimes I move it back sometimes I move it up... And then Tiger proceeds to explain how he was taught to play when he was young and described in the very simple terms he was taught as a kid. It just seemed like Kim had to interest in learning his craft and why what works works.
M.Nugent says:
Anthony Kim is a feel player so the above comments are completely skewed. He said that some days the ball was flying too low so he moved it up in his stance (good advice) and he said he hits his clubs different distances every day but he figures it out on the range. He is clearly not an idiot.

Not everyone is Tiger. Im sure a lot of tour pros dont hit their sand wedge to an exact distance every time like Tiger. Give the kid a break
Eric Duquene says:
It just seemed to me like he had no clue as to what makes the mechanics of a golf shot work. And due to that it seemed like he had no interest in learning his craft. As with any skill, I believe that just because you're good at something you should have the respect for yourself, those who came before you, and the craft itself to learn it and learn all you can about it, especially when you are making a ridiculous amount of money doing it. I can understand the feel part to a point but when you cant describe why moving the ball up or back in your stance to a group of people who are probably more avid about golf than you are and that look up to you, it comes off like he doesn't really care.
bducharm says:
How about a nice little -8 in the first round at the AT&T....guess he knows what he is doing!!!
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