Course To Get Its Holes Back
By Kickntrue on 7/1/09
Westchester Golf Course is adjacent to LAX and has had only 15 holes for the past 15 years. It can now get them back.
The club near Los Angeles International Airport had 18 holes when it was built in 1965.

But it lost three of them in 1993 when a major road was expanded.

Golfers have been reduced to playing 15 holes, reusing some to complete a game.

Efforts to restore the holes failed over the years, but on Monday the Los Angeles Board of Airport Commissioners approved a 10-year lease with Westchester Golf Partners to restore the holes using vacant airport-owned land.
Pretty interesting situation. It looks like a bunch of oobers play the course- and you just play holes 1-3 again to finish the 18? That has to be a nightmare for the starter.

I'd certainly be interested to hear any local stories people may have.

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mjaber says:
Cheers to LAX for recognizing that they could make good use of land that they aren't using. Sounds like it's a win-win for everyone involved.
tiwahu says:
...and, according to their website, it has lights so you can play until 10pm at night? Wild.
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