Tiger Is Highly Paid
By Kickntrue on 7/2/09
Tiger Woods is America's highest paid athlete, by a HUGE margin. Phil Mickelson is the 2nd highest paid athlete in America.Sports Illustrated featured their annual list of the highest paid American sports stars and while there are only 3 golfers in the top 50 (Jim Furyk at 41), Tiger and Phil are the runaway top two.

Tiger earned $99,737,626 between winnings, bonuses and endorsements in 2008. With his on-course gambling winnings- you'd think he probably cracked $100M. Not a bad year, but actually down from the year before. The big bad down economy is treating him so poorly.

Phil on the other hand made a puny $52,950,356, still good for second on the list by over $10M.

To give you some perspective on the rest of the top 10:

3. LeBron James - $42,410,581
4. Alex Rodriguez - $39,000,000
5. Shaquille O'Neal - $35,000,000
6. Kevin Garnett - $34,750,000
7. Kobe Bryant - $31,262,500
8. Allen Iverson - $28,937,500
9. Derek Jeter - $28,500,000
10. Peyton Manning - $27,000,000

I suggest you click on the link to see the breakdowns of where the money comes from. While most of the top 10 earns their money on their respective playing arenas, Tiger and Phil make all their money in endorsements. If we wanted to play Mr. Sociologist we could probably make some pretty interesting and maybe even harsh statements about what these numbers and breakdowns show, but frankly, it's not my place or forum to do so.

Sports Illustrated's Fortunate 50

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Backquak says:
100 million would sure take the pressure off my game, I might even be able to stand over that 3 footer to win or loose 5 bucks and not worry about it. Well probably not, but I'd give it a try.
klangdon says:
I think its odd that they split American and International athletes into 2 seperate lists. Found it interesting that Sergio was 13th highest International: sportsillustrated.cnn.com/more/specials/fortunat
Kickntrue says:
How crazy is it that Internationally, 4 of the top 10 highest paid athletes are Auto Racing Drivers? I mean... I understand soccer.. I really do, it's a beautiful game, but auto racing? Someone please explain!
ToddRobb says:
I remember back in the day, Arnold Palmer was the highest paid athlete from all his off the course endorsements. I know all the old timers out there remember all those Pennzoil commercials.
StxLax says:
Auto Racing is WAY WAY bigger over seas then it is here. M. Schumacher was the highest paid athlete a few years back i think 2004 and he had made like 80 million. I remeber hearig her personal donated 10 million to the 2004 earthquake in India. Also if you look at all the salaries vs. endorsements Tiger and Phil would be like not even make the top 50. So it makes ou wonder if they are over paid or just a very good (very well known) sales people.
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