Lorena Ochoa is retiring.... eventually.
By Kickntrue on 1/11/07
Lorena Ochoa knows she wants to leave at the top of her game. She also has big plans for the rest of her life, and isn't going to let golf get in the way. Ochoa announced that she plans to play no longer than 10 years in the LPGA. She was a rookie in 2003, which means the 2006 LPGA Player of the Year has seven years left to make it happen on the course.

From the article
Ochoa wants to use part of her earnings to help needy children attend school. She created a foundation that already has built a school for over 300 students.

"Since I became a professional I have wanted to help others, if God has helped me get to where I am, allowing me so many beautiful things, the ability to share with the most needy is something that for me is very important,'' she said. "The ability to share with others is more beautiful
than winning any tournament.''

Sounds pretty awesome to me.
Check out the full article at MSNBC HERE.

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