Tiger Tees It Up With Romo
By Kickntrue on 7/2/09
When you host your own PGA Tour event you can make up a lot of your own rules. Playing with Tony Romo is Redskins country is still risky. As Tiger's AT&T National kicks off today, let's take a look back at yesterday's Earl Woods Memorial Pro-Am. Tiger played with Cowboys' QB Tony Romo while fans wore Redskins' jerseys and lightly heckled the group. Romo, a scratch golfer, played from the tips with Tiger and actually outdrove him multiple times on the day. Tiger though joked afterwards that his "spending fund" got bigger, so apparently Tony was the loser.

The real event- the AT&T National is underway. Defending champ Anthony Kim is off to a nice start and is the early leader at -6.

Cowboys And Skins Fans Out For Pro Am (Pictures)
Romo vs Woods Story
AT&T National Live Leaderboard

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klangdon says:
I guess Kim got a little motivation from your post earlier this week? www.oobgolf.com/content/fore+play/1-2874-Where_H
Kickntrue says:
@klangdon... ya- I'm sure I really pissed him off. Maybe I should drive down the 15 miles or so from my place and see him.

It is interesting though- that he seems to love this course. It's pretty clear that this happens a lot with players where they own a course and always contend. This is esp. interesting though- because this course- Congressional Country Club will be holding a US Open in 2 years.
bducharm says:
Yeah, I think you guys gave Anthony the right motivation with your article. Nice 62 today (-8).
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