Another Golf Cart Theft Story
By Kickntrue on 7/3/09
Each day when I fire up Bing (the best new way to Google stuff) the first thing I find is more golf cart theft stories. This time the thieves caused over $20k in damages and 5 people were actually arrested.

Blah Blah Blah.

Here's the thing- and be prepared to have your minds' collectively blown, because I have a solution that will cut golf cart theft by 99%. You ready for it....

HAVE INDIVIDUAL KEYS!!!!! Anyone who's golfed more than 5 times in their life knows that every key works with every cart (sure... same brand, but how many are there) and you can get one key from one course and have control of every cart at another course. Basically stealing one golf key gets you access to 1/3 of the golf carts in the country.

At first I thought some of the cart stealing stories were funny- and who's kidding who? I'll probably post another one soon, but eventually the cart companies have to take some responsibility and it's not going to happen until the courses complain. Isn't there a maxim that says something like, "Fool me once shame on you...?"

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Hacker Al says:
It's my fifth year working at a country club.
We have an ADT security system barn for them while they're all being charged,(they're electric). No one's getting in that building besides the pros & staff, let me tell you. haha. But yeah, I can see what you're saying about individual keys, I have three myself on my key ring to three different courses. I'd say its less about "stealing carts" but more about stealing "cart golf", because then you don't have to pay for riding when they give you a key. You can just saddle up because, like you said, one key allows access to all. They really should wise up.
cjgiant says:
Yeah, it would more than likely reduce theft, but would increase the complexity for the course. You'd need to keep track of N (number of carts) sets of spare keys should one get stolen or actually legitimately lost.
bjbowen4 says:
More than individual keys you will need a better ignition system as well. I'm a cop and I've recovered more than my fair share of carts stolen from apartment complexes (no courses where I work). Many of the carts had keys in them when they were recovered.......a screwdriver.

Realistically the courses need to do a better job of securing their property. If the cart is just left out, of course someone is going to try and take it.
ventureglen says:
Golf car fleet wireless security technology

Please take a look at an engineered wireless system for authorized access and control of fleets of golf cars developed and engineered in Vancouver
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Jim_dandy says:
We tried the SmartKii wireless security system and found it to be unreliable, interference from other wireless devices rendered it useless. Still looking
ventureglen says:
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