The true island green at Coeur D'alene.
Coolest Hole You've Played
By Kickntrue on 7/3/09
I saw an article on on NY Times featuring the Coeur D'alene Resort in Idaho, and it got me thinking about the single coolest holes in golf. I think one of first that will come to mind is the island green at TPC Sawgrass, but it really doesn't compare to the true island green at Coeur D'alene. If the name of the resort isn't ringing a bell, the hole will. I'm pumped, I have a round scheduled at the course- but not until the fall of 2010.

It's a true floating island that you have to be boated out to. If you've seen pictures of it- you may have even thought they were fake.

I'm sure there are other memorable holes like that throughout the world. I can think of the par 3 in South Africa that plays 630 yards and drops 1400 feet. I'm not a real expert on such matters- and I'm sure some of you guys are.

Educate us!

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Adam Derrick says:
Number one at Long Bay (Beautiful) or even number 12 at Meadow Farms (Gimmicky).
JoeGill1205 says:
17 @ Sawgrass
mfaj5 says:
12 @ Challenge at Manele
zeroSPace says:
18 @ Baltusrol Lower
Mjw71772 says:
Definitely # 12 at Mangilao on Guam, Beautiful view of the water rushing in from Mangilao Bay. If ever on Guam go play there, but play twilight time, this way you are not waiting for all the tourists to finish.

Shooter McGavin says:
17 @ sawgrass
JoeBird says:
16 at Bandon Dunes
dallas251 says:
18 or 7 at Pebble Beach
blake_p says:
I used to live close to the Coeur D'Alene Resort. . . before I started playing golf. Missed out on that one.
BlaqShamrokk says:
Hole 8 at wolf creek the prettiest and hardest 250 yard par 3 ever made
twood says:
17 @ PGA West
mmontisano says:
probably the coolest hole i've ever played was at Nirwana Golf Resort in Bali, Indonesia. it's a 190 yard par 3 over the ocean with a sacred Hindu temple out to the left that is only accessible during low tide.

just watch out for the big freakin' red ants!!! they bite....HARD!
jeffbnva says:
18 @ Winged Foot with their Caddy Master, describing Phil's demise in the Open just prior to playing. Great day...
myke012 says:
Does that hole really need two bunkers?
perlguy9 says:
Calcavecchia's bane, #17 @ The Ocean Course, Kiawah Island.
Tim Horan says:
Devil's Parlour (nr 6) at Pine Cliffs Portugal... Awesome any time of day, best towards sunset.
BME_Badger says:
#14 @ Mahogany Run Golf Course St. Thomas, a part of the devil's triangle.

I can't say it any better than their website:
Number 14, one of the worldGÇÖs most dramatic par-3s, is a 173-yard, cliff-side hole with the Atlantic Ocean in place of the fairway. The golfer often must play the ball out over the ocean, battling swirling winds to find the green. In the distance, the islands of Hans Lollick, with its picturesque white-sand beach, and Jost Van Dyke and Tortola, both British Virgin Islands, tease even the most seasoned golfers into taking their eyes off the ball. It is one of the most breathtaking views a golfer will ever witness from a tee box.
RJSchuchman says:
17th at Eagle Eye in Lansing, MI. This is an exact replica of the 17th at Sawgrass...If replica's don't count, then 11th or 12th at Arcadia Bluffs in MI.....
zandercutt says:
10th at peacock with a huge divot in the green or the sixteenth at Indian Valley with two greens...with one being almost a football field long
flyfishin4trout says:
I love so many holes at Pebble. 18 is the craziest view and 7 is so short and difficult at the same time.
Wazzuski says:
Any of the holes @ Wolf Creek, but 17 in particular. What a totally awesome golf experience, even in 100+ degree heat.
jrbizzle says:
17th at Eagle Eye is a damn good replica of Sawgrass. It's tricky because you don't notice the wind down in that little valley until the tee shot is up in the air.

I haven't played a ton of "great" courses, but there was a par 3 at the Ross course in French Link I remember was pretty much uphill at about a 30 degree angle.
Swingem says:
The 4th and 5th at Bandon Dunes. After you play your tee shot on the 4th, you turn a corner for a short to mid iron approach into a prevailing headwind, and your first spectacular view of the ocean. The 5th is a long par 4 that plays along the ocean to a wide fairway, the approach is a mid to long iron down a narrow corridor with gorse covered dunes on both sides. With the prevailing wind off the ocean on the left, high shots that get above the dunes can be lost to the right into the gorse. The smart shot is a long punch-and-run that stays down out of the wind. These are great shotmaking holes with fantastic views.
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