Tiger "Ha Ha" Woods Wins AT&T
By Kickntrue on 7/6/09
Tiger won his own event on Sunday. Afterwards he tried to be funny.

I really don't have too much to say about his performance. I was traveling/family'ing (make-up word Monday) all weekend and didn't see a single shot from this tournament, which is especially unfortunate considering it was put on less than 20 minutes from my home. I did see highlights afterwards... and I think it's fair to say Tiger should be glad he has a day job.

Still- the attempt at comedy did give maybe a little in-sight into his real personality. He's not completely a machine. He said "I've always wanted to do this..." which means this is something he probably has had in mind for years, maybe even before he had the opportunity to host his own event.

The other Tour players in the AT&T National- in it's third year had to know this was eventually coming, but isn't winning an event you put on a lot like the CEO winning the door prize at the company picnic?

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Vanni says:
c5agalb says:
CBS showed him giving a signed golf ball to the vet in the wheelchair walking off eighteen, I know he rarely does that because of scoundrals selling it for profit. Class Act Tiger
Jake Bogardus says:
He also slid in several fist pounds to the vet in the wheelchair as well throughout the round. Tiger did a real good job this week. And allowing the military in for free this week was really a great idea.
tom4444golf says:
tom4444golfsays: Tiger,,,,in a gentlmans game you don't go hitting your driver on the tee box after a bad shot?? He had class and alot of it ,,What happen????
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