Iran loves golf.
By Kickntrue on 1/11/07
I found this story while cleaning out my inbox this morning from last Novemeber. It talks about golf and its increasing popularity in Iran. What is really cool about it is that so many of the new golfers are women. It is definately a good quick read.

My favorite part
In a country synonymous with religious fundamentalism, growing numbers of Iranians -- both men and women -- are now getting to grips with the fundamentals of their swing.

The ascendancy of golf in Iran has also been serving as a catalyst for the Iranian Tourism Organization to provide larger hotels across Iran with golfing facilities in an effort to encourage further foreign tourism.

Check out the full text at HERE.

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klangdon says:
"foriegn tourism"??? - Does that exist in Iran? Are their really people out there saying, screw my trip to Hawaii, I am going to go hit the links in IRAN?
golfgirl says:
Actually, I'm hoping to travel to Iran sometime in 2007 and golf will surely be part of my trip. Iran's a fascinating country with a very hospitable population. The government is actively courting tourists, particularly American tourists to the extent that they are even subsidizing some travel. I'd definitely choose Iran over Hawaii, but that's just me.
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