Inkster was at the secret meeting
LPGA Mutiny?
By Kickntrue on 7/6/09
A dozen or so prominent LPGA players had a secret dinner meeting last Thursday night to discuss their dissatisfaction with the direction of their Tour.

SI/ is using the word "mutiny" in their headlines- so I did too. You've got to admit it's a sexy word. The thing is- I don't see what the LPGA players can really have too much beef with. Sure- they can be mad at Commish Carolyn Bivens whose mission was to come in and raise purses and make the LPGA more visible. The economy has turned and the plan is backfiring so maybe Bivens will have to take the fall, but you can't really hate her for what she's been trying to do. I understand too that the players want more US events and less worldwide- which is the direction the Tour is heading, but look at the makeup of the top players. American players are quickly becoming outnumbered, so why shouldn't events be in everyone's backyard? If you want to make the argument that they should have their own events (use of "their" not intended to be racist whatsoever), then you better be prepared to be the 2nd, 3rd, or even 4th best women's golf tour in the world. Good luck getting your sponsorship dollars then.

The funny thing about it is- as much problems as the LPGA is having with this economy, in a lot of ways they are the perfect example of whole a global sporting organization should look. They have the best players in the world all playing in one place, something not many other sports can claim.

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Jake Bogardus says:
Not so secret anymore eh
benhogan531 says:
The problem is very simple. They either need a Tiger Woods (Sam Woods will win before Michelle Wie) or they need sex to sell the sport. Every time I tune in to see Paula Creamer or Natalie Gulbis or some other hottie I get the asian tour. It just won't sell over here like that.
joncaleb says:
I agree, they need to sell sex on the LPGA... I'd pay for Gulbis... Dont know if Wie is legal yet... ;0)
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