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Tiger's Event To Be Free To DC
By Kickntrue on 7/6/09
While Tiger's event has to take a two year trip to Philly while Congressional gets ready for the US Open, DC area fans will get in for free. AT&T National Tournament director Greg McLaughlin said anyone with a Maryland, Virginia, or D.C. driver's license will get into the event next year for free- as a reward for continuing to support the event and making the drive.

SWEET! Road Trip!

Someone was clearly paying attention during Marketing 101. Create goodwill and excitement while growing profits. Done and done. This makes AT&T and Tiger look great, while few people will really take them up on this offer. Those who do will support the event in other ways with concessions, souvenirs and the economy of Philly in general with lodging and everything else. Smart move- and sweet for me since I have an MD license. I have a year to plan! Umm.. anyone want to put me up for a couple days?!

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Ben Crane says:
Got a MD license and relatives that live just outside Philly. I'm there.
HotBacon says:
I was just eyeing up the $200 full week pass this morning. I will more than likely be there...unfortunately not for free.

With 10,000 full week passes available and 1,000 $350 full week + hospitality (which = ability to buy drinks, and a TV) passes available, that gives TW $550,000 in full week passes alone. Not too shabby of a ticket pull.
whomsley says:
I live 15 minutes from the club they will be holding the tourney at for the next two years and have already pre-signed up to volunteer. If you live in the Philadelphia/Delaware Co/Chester Co area that is the best way to see the action.
Kickntrue says:
@whomsley- i'd have to both agree and disagree. It totally depends on your assignment. I've volunteered for multiple events and been as lucky to be a walking scorer (all the action from 3 feet away) and as unlucky to be a crossing gaurd at a non-golfing location. It's the luck of the draw- and if you volunteer and get something crappy- you look like a punk if you quit.
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