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Best "No Name" Golf Gear
By Kickntrue on 7/6/09
It's easy to get hyped about golf equipment from the big manufacturers like Titleist and TaylorMade, but let's talk about the little guys. Our Equipment Pages are loaded with thousands upon thousands of pieces of gear from specialty wedges to rangefinders, including the stuff from the lesser known companies making great products.

Here's your chance to "represent your gear." The stuff you've found along your journey that you've fallen in love with, that most don't know about. For me- it's easy, EIDOLON wedges, which without oob I wouldn't know, but now cannot live without.

The floor is yours. What are our bags missing?

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Backquak says:
I love my bangomatic fairway metals, I liked the driver too, just got tired of people telling me it was illegal and giving me crap about the chrome, so I broke down and bought a Titleist 907. I don't know if Solus wedges qualify, but I really get along with them well too. I'd like to try the EIDOLON, but I'm trying to quit TINKERING and play what I've got.
I am looking for a good driver though, the 907 is good, but I would really like a smaller head.
Snap Count says:
I've got a "Tour Edge - Bazooka J Edge" 52 Degree Gap Wedge that is my favourite club in my bag. I use it from 115 in, in every situation. I don't know why I waste club slots with my 56 and 60 degree Vokeys.
drew1473 says:
I will say that Warrior custom golf makes some pretty darn good golf clubs. I started out and got their wedges, it was either 2 or 3 wedges for $11.95. Well they were free, and shipping and handling was $11.95. From then on I have received multiple offers from them about more free stuff however I have yet to purchase anything else.
aaronw409 says:
I bought Gigagolf irons, a driver, and fairways last year and I am very impressed. I'll definitely buy from them again. I bought a wedge, too, but I really didn't like it. I don't think they are the best clubs you can buy, but I think they are the best value.
meddle says:
I picked up 52* and 56* Tour Zone wedges for $20 off ebay and they've treated me nicely. They look beautiful, and have good feel to them.
brtnsbs says:
Alpha drivers are super underrated. I got fitted and the Alpha V2 was the winner about 5 years ago. The club is still in my bag and is a total money club. I feel more confident with that club in my hands than a 3 or 5 wood usually. The ball comes off the face sooo hot with these clubs.
activesense says:
I like my powerbilt wedges in 52,56 and 60*. Got them super cheap on eBay for $50 inc shipping. My game around the green is now more complete, although the 60* is still a little random for me.....more practice needed I guess. Still happy with my cougar tour cat woods and irons. I don't need anything more than that until my shooting gets more consistent and the strokes start dropping off.
jrbizzle says:
I have RAM FX Satin Wedges - 50, 55 and 60. $50 or $60 for the entire set - and I love 'em. Well, maybe not the 60, but that's because I skull it because I get the yips ;)
k-von says:
I bought a couple sets of vintage irons off some guy in the hood this spring. One was a set of Confidence Visa cavity backs and the other was a set of Kroydon musclebacks. Now, I'm far from a scratch golfer, but I'm loving the short iron blades which are substantially heavier than my normal irons (which are heavy enough to begin with - RAM Accubars) which really force me to slow down my tempo and bring my shoulder all the way around. I don't think I've missed the sweet spot with them yet, however they're about two clubs shorter than my proper irons. The cb's are great too, but I don't like the wider sole. Regardless, nothing wrong with some oldies-but-goodies.
mjaber says:
I love my Purespin wedges. I was looking for a "chipper" because I was having trouble around the greens and my brother-in-law had one. Found Purespin's "Short Game Solution" set for around $40 bucks. 56 deg Sand Wedge, 60 deg Lob wedge and the "chipper." Not a bad deal.
Clint24 says:
I absolutly love my Hippo itX3 iron set and Hex2 driver. Im told everyday that I need to upgrade but I don't want to get rid of these clubs.
GolfSmith7 says:
I play with clubs from gigagolf and the driver head is awesome and I have compared it to brand named ones and now that I need a new driver (Stiff flex and 10.5* instead of the current 12*) I am still going with giga. I am also getting new irons once again from giga. I strongly recommend them. The reason I need new clubs is b/c my golf specific training has increased my swing speed from 90 mph to 103 mph sometimes even as high as 106 so I need stiff flex irons and driver. Giga all the way.
aaronw409 says:
If you have a tight budget, then Gigagolf is worth a try.
Tim Horan says: - Scotland absolutely amazing internet service. Their Missile Launcher Woods are fantastic and their Savior rescue woods also. I have a set of their blades and good as they are I didn't get the spec right when I ordered.
skirchner says:
I love my Maltby MMB Irons 4-GW Super sweet Forged Muscle Backs
gills says:
Snake Eyes 675XC forged irons. Same exact feel and performance as mizunos for half the price. They are unbelievable.
possingk says:
I love my Nickent stuff, my whole bag except wedges are Nickent, they can be bought inexpensively from or not a really well known brand but when anyone hits them they really like the feel of them. I get some funny comments about my pipe putter, but I putt better with that than I did with my Nike Oz so I will take the comments and keep going with it.
Patrick McKay says:
ZEVO used to be a fantastic brand, their Hybrids were incredible. I am not sure what happened, I think that they R&D guys got bought up by some big golf store or something. I still rock my Zevo hybrids.
jjgibb0 says:
Just ordered the free Warrior clubs. I'll let you know if they are any good. Definetly the right price!
komega19 says:
My Nickent 56 degree is fantastic (and was free at demo) otherwise, I also have a Tour edge 5 wood that is great (I use it off the tee on many holes (avg 210), I used to have a Tour Flight 3 wood that I bought for $15 at Edwin Watts grab bag when I broke my Tommy while on vacation in Orlando that I loved! Lasted 5 years until the head finally came off. Good thing I had my Tommy lying in wait!
ibashdaily says:
I was going to order the Warrior clubs until I stumbled upon this article about golf scams. Warrior is named directly as well as a multitude of other companies that are currently being looked into for fraud and other charges. Remember, if a deal looks too good to be true, it probably is.
kvangunst says:
I also went with Gigagolf, and am very happy with my Calloway knockoffs. Good quality, free custom fit, and free shipping.
badgolfergreg says:
I've been very pleased with the quality of my GigaGolf irons. I believe them to be well made of quality components and they have held up very well through close to 150 rounds. I got the Cloud 9's which I later determined to be modeled somewhat like the Ping Rapture, having the titanium face insert, foam shock absorber and tungsten sole weight. I have no complaints with them, oh, and they only cost about $250 for 4i-PW.
Chris Dawso says:
I have to say for the low handicaper try the Scratch wedges and the Chikara wedges. Own them both and they are top notch stuff. As far as the irons go, take what you are currently hitting and send them to Joe Kwok in San Fransisco to get blueprinted, they will feel like new clubs, ten times better than anything you can buy off the rack.
The Full Monty says:
@ jrossbeck - My entire iron set is RAM FX. I love them and think they look and feel better than many of the upper priced big names.

As for me, I just bought a Silver Diamond 460cc Driver Head with a Graffaloy Blue shaft - best purchase yet. I hammer that thing!
ipv6freely says:
I bought a full set of AVT clubs from Wal-Mart. Replaced the driver and putter and bag, added a LW to the set... but my irons I like very much. Want a new 3w and Hy though...
InTheWoods says:
I play with clubs from, a direct competitor to Gigagolf ( mentioned several times above. They are now getting more into their own proprietary designs and are no longer pure 'clone' manufacturer. I play with the 'Doublewall' driver, their own design as well. Love it!
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