Wie Quietly Playing Solid
By Kickntrue on 7/7/09
Michelle Wie is quietly putting together a pretty solid first year as an LPGA member. This past week she finished in 3rd place, which followed up a 10th place performance at the Wegman's LPGA. She has 11 starts on Tour this year with 5 top 10's. She's the 5th best in the LPGA at shooting rounds under par and is number 1 in putts per green. She's 12th on the official money list for 2009 but with less events than a lot of the players.

I only bring this up- because I'm impressed with the quiet way she's doing it. She's putting herself in position to win- and one of these weeks it's going to happen. My money is on this week at the US Women's Open in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. I'll be rooting for her!

Wie's LPGA Profile

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bducharm says:
I agree - so far, so good. Michelle needs to lay low and win! That's the key.
SingleDigits says:
She's not in the field at this week's US Open. She failed to qualify.
Kickntrue says:
@single digits- you're right. Umm... Next week I predict a win!
kevinfuto says:
Yep, she failed to qualify.

Is it just me, or does everyone else get sick of hearing about her too?
bducharm says:
Kevinfuto - YES, kind of like Michael Jackson!!! STOP THE MADNESS!!!
Alyn Walls says:
I am sick of hearing about her. She has proven to be a failure when she with drew because she claimed a wrist problem when she was going to shoot a 88 and not be able to play the rest of the year. What a fraud. Nike should be ashamed to be associated with her.
jjgibb0 says:
Give her a break, she's just a kid. And she'd whoop your butt in golf, I'm sure.
golfgirl says:
...and, guess who leads the tour in birdies per round? Michelle Wie 4.23

She's an ultra-solid player guys...face facts.

And the other LPGA players really like her because... guess what? She's really nice. And everyone involved appreciates the mega-attention she brings to the tour.

I don't envy those of you who are tired of hear about her.
ToddRobb says:
She's going to have to post a win to get my support. Her stats are okay, but none of them matter without winning. And someone PLEEEAASSEE teach her how to do an interview without saying "uh you know" 20 times!!
jp24 says:
Well I agree with golfgirl. She's a very good player and she's still a child. Just because she was getting the pub for trying to play with the men don't hate on her for that. She gave it a go and she still may after she proves she can whup the women it just hasn't happened yet. I mean think about it for real.... how many times have you all went to the course and watched a woman play from the red tee's? I in my life have never seen a woman play from anything other than the red tees not that they can't I've just never seen it in person. Michelle teeing it up with the men in tournament play at the age of 16 years old is pretty sick even though she didn't win she beat the pants of a lot of the men. Congrats to her and good luck the rest of the year. jjgiibb0 is also probably correct, she'd probably beat 95% of the people on this site. (from the tips none the less and she's what around 19 years old now what a future she has ahead of her)
cjgiant says:
She appears to have gotten some bad career advice from certain people. I have no problem with her having a goal of playing on the men's tour. However, she should have worked towards it instead of jumping in so quickly - as mentioned, she is still quite young.

She seems to have corrected course, as the content of this blog would indicate. Let's hope she doesn't go back off course and try to leap from a first win (or no win) back into her old track. Win a few, become the next Ochoa/Sorenstam, then consider an attempt to challenge the men if it is still desired.

I am rooting for her. I'm not sure she can necessarily be blamed for all the media attention, but I agree with ToddRobb and hopefully some maturity will help with her interview skills.
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