Timberlake Wants To Write Golf Book
By Kickntrue on 7/7/09
Justin Timberlake wants to write a book on golf and is currently shopping his services. No offense to Justin- because he loves the game and is a better golfer than me, but I have a feeling he will get a book deal- but it WON'T be because he can write or golf well.

The question is... would you read it? I may- I'd at least peruse it. It seems everything Timberlake touches turns to gold- which makes me wonder, is there any man more worthy of a man-crush than Timberlake? He serves every audience including us golfers with class and style. I'm not sure a deep man-crush is ever okay- but if you're going to have one, you could do much worse than Justin.

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TWUES17 says:
I'm really looking forward to the comments on this thread. I've got a man crush on David Wright. Although it's dwindling with all the Ks this year.
Kickntrue says:
@Twues17- Yah- David Wright is a bad mancrush. He doesn't seem outspoken enough either. I think the right person has to be someone you are a little jealous of- but at the same time, truly believe you could hang out with and it would be normal. So- Matt Damon = good man crush. Leo Dicaprio = bad (too intimidating with all those model girlfriends).
falcon50driver says:
eeeeeeeeeuuuuuuuu...man crush?...eeeeeeeeeuuuuuuuuuu...If I never hear that phrase again it'll be too soon.
TWUES17 says:
Man crush.
golfgirl says:
FYI - Girls tend to like guys who talk about man crushes. But then you already knew that Kickn and TWUES. Anyway, I'd guess Justin is probably a popular man crush book should be good for golf. Yay Justin.
dallas251 says:
I didn't used to like Justin, but with all the SNL appearances and such I've started to come around. Anyone who can make fun of themselves like he can is ok in my book! That said, I probably won't read the book.
TWUES17 says:
I'm trying to think of a witty retort to golfgirl's remark, but I just keep looking at Dallas251's profile pic.

"I've been blessed with an arm like a rocket, a cock like a burmese python, and a mind like a bleepin scientist."

I hope swearing is allowed on OOB.
Pappybro says:
If it's half as good as Alice Cooper's book, it'll be an okay read. And I'm too damn old for man-crushes.
JCaus says:
what the hell could timberlake write about?

"So there i was standing on the 4th tee box with jessica. Yea, she's hot"

Chapter 2

"I was about to putt in a 3 footer to win, then my blackberry rings, my agent, he wants me to do an Nsync reunion tour."

"I missed the putt, club championship went bye bye bye"
ToddRobb says:
The original man-crush was Sean Connery as James Bond. The women, cars and cool gadgets along a decent golf game, how could you not? JT has been exposed to enough unique golf situations that could make for interesting reading while in the "library".
Dilla says:
If you gonna have a MAN CRUSH(if we must use this phrase) it has to be for Michael Jordan! He WHUUUUPED up on JT this past weekend in the Bethpage tournament, not to mention that his swing looks much more smoother than JT's-Talk about someone who could cure NARCOLEPSY when he walks into a room--CERTAINLY, MJ is the ULTIMATE MAN CRUSH!!!! JT cries a river(man crush??????-NO WAAYYYY!!!!!)
dallasfan says:
I think Dennis Rodman would be a good man crush, he looks good in a white wedding dress.
bdyksen says:
I'm listening to JT right now.
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