Alexis playing yesterday.
Alexis Thompson In Top 10
By Kickntrue on 7/10/09
Alexis Thompson is currently in the Top 10 at the Women's US Open. So what you ask? This is her 3rd US Open... and she's only 14.

You think Michelle Wie was hyped? Wait until the machine gets going on Thompson, since you know, she's really good. What makes her different (from Wie) it seems, is that she isn't being thrown into the spotlight and she's being allowed to grow up as a teenager. I visited Thompson's website and she certainly doesn't look just 14, but that's the difference between males and females. In some ways she could be at her physical peak within a few years, one of the main reasons I think you see so many younger winners on the women's circuit.

Alexis comes from a golfing family. Her brother Nicholas Thompson is on the PGA Tour, and is still the lesser known Thompson golfer in the family.

At any rate, Alexis is going to be interesting to watch in the coming years- and would be an amazing story for the LPGA this weekend if she even finishes close.
Women's US Open Leaderboard
Alexis' Scorecard

[Ed Note.- In the time it took me to write and post this, Alexis has gone from starting the day in 3rd, to being in 16th.]

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jvwvu says:
Show me pictures in 4 more years and I will tell you what I think of her.
Lerxst says:
Also, Im sure many have already heard, but Bivens is out. Maybe we'll see a differnt LPGA with some more tourneys...
mjaber says:
Maybe the fact that she's not trying to play in the men's US Open has something to do with her not garnering the media attention Wie did.
Mick Flanigan says:
Maybe that's a good thing? We should stop crowning these kids as phenoms, next Tiger's, etc, and putting so much on them. This is setting them up for disappointment or failure, just let them develop and play for now. When they win some majors, then heap on the coverage and subsequent pressure.
Kickntrue says:
@mick - I'd agree... but I think there is a difference between expectations and how they go about going after those dreams. All you have to do is visit her official site to see it's all about her being the next big thing. It's not like they're trying to coddle her from expectations.
TheBrownCrayon says:
Speaking of hyping people as the next Tiger, etc? Did anyone see the article in Golf about Rory? It was embarrassing how much of a crush the writer had on him.
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