Carolyn Bivens Out As LPGA Commish
By Kickntrue on 7/10/09
Now former LPGA Commish Carlyn Bivens was ousted from her position. She had a vision for the Tour and stuck with it. Unfortunately, it was the wrong time and economy for that vison.

Alan Shipnuk of is guessing that Judy Rankin could be the next LPGA Boss. I'd say there will be more on this as it develops... but I've already done like 5 LPGA posts this week, so I can't see that happening. I'm more concerned about the actual event going on. :)

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Lerxst says:
Nancy Lopez for King. :)
falcon50driver says:
Yes, Nancy Lopez would be a good candidate. She knows the history.
ipv6freely says:
This is a good thing!
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