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Timberlake's Course Set To Open
By Kickntrue on 7/14/09
Seriously, there are as many golf stories about Justin Timberlake these days as anyone not named Tiger. Timberlake bought a course outside Memphis, Tennessee, and has spent $16M renovating it to make it environmentally friendly and now it's finally set to open. Mirimichi is the first course in the USA designated a certified Audubon International Classic Sanctuary, and while I don't know what exactly that entails, I do know it means even more people are going to love Timberlake now.

It looks like with Timberlake's influence they've turned the once tame course into a beast. The tips now play to a USGA rated 76.6/137. If you're going to test Mirimichi you'd better wear your big boy pants.

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Mirimichi - official course website

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ipv6freely says:
Awesome!! Timberkale kicks ass (no, really...) Has anyone seen him on Saturday Night Live? Yeah... he made a fan out of me pretty easily. The guy is FUNNY. I just wish he'd get out of singing and into acting! :D
k-von says:
That course is a monster. Looks like it envelops all of Appalachia.
blackhawk says:
According to the map, it looks like you play through 12 states in one round.
activesense says:
lmfao @ blackhawk.
@ ipv6freely, I agree with your thoughts on JT, i used to think he was an asshole, but as he is diversifying his talents and showing a more human side, he is an alright guy. Presidential candidate for 2032???
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