Eun Hee Ji
Eun Hee Ji Wins US Open
By Kickntrue on 7/12/09
Eun Hee Ji birdied the 72nd hole of the Women's US Open to win her first major championship. American Christie Kerr started the day with the lead but finished +4 for the day and finished T-3 at +2.

I want to be excited, and obviously this is a good thing for Eun Hee Ji, but you have to feel the LPGA's pain a bit. It's tough when you're an American-based league and your best players aren't American. Sure, a few of them are, but in general it's clear that the best female golfers in the world are International. Think of another sport that Americans follow (maybe baseball?) where the main attractions are foreign born. You want to have the best players in the world playing in your league, but it's a tough sell. All weekend I was pulling for the fun stories- Paula Creamer, Alexis Thompson, Christie Kerr, Jean Reynolds, but one by one they all fell apart...

I'm guessing at least one person agrees with me... and she's looking for a job.

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Lerxst says:
I feel bad for Kerr. She had the tourney by the golf balls and just choked under the pressure. She had a fairly easy opprotunity for birdie on 17 today and three putted for bogey. She also refused to hit many fairways. Its unfortunate for her as her play in the previous rounds was very good.
Lerxst says:
Oops I meant 16 not 17...
ToddRobb says:
That was hard to watch,, It was a dream ending for one person, and SHE didn't look all that excited. No wonder they're struggling for ratings, between trying to remember which player is which by name, to the poor level of play in comparison. They tried doing the "show the final putt from all angles" replay thing, each time it was just as boring. If that was their "major", they are in BIG trouble. I have a golf buddy that didn't even know it was going on, how is that even possible?? I blame the tour and NBC for bad marketing.
kidputter says:
I blame the PGA for making tournament courses so easy that players score -20 and LOSE. I was pleased with the fact that the ladies put up scores that are out-of-reach for us, but attainable with a great deal of practice (I can dream, can't I?).
I also want to blame our society. In years past, it was about the golf. Today it's about WHO LOOKS BEST while winning.
blackhawk says:
NHL has international players. It's how you market them.
Kickntrue says:
@blackhawk- decent comparison, but using NHL as shining example of marketing is a tough sell. Plus- even the best of the best foreign players speak English. Say what you want about the (certainly) racist attempted policy, but it makes a big difference.
Patrick McKay says:
She has a great swing and showed some real grit coming back from her double bogey on the back 9.
onedollarwed says:
Having the best competition trumps having Americans playing. The level and skill of table tennis in last year's Olympics was awesome (a game Americans know well enough). I watched Koreans and Chinese on the Korean Channel. Fantastic!
You can watch some Americans play soccer in top European leagues (way better than the lame domestic product). Sampras was a snoozefest - may have killed interest in the sport, even with Agassi around.
Generally, all Americans have to offer on the international scene are artificially whitened teeth, corn and beef fed bodies, racial diversity, and a kind of unconscious swagger.
Matt Otskey says:
I agree with ToddRobb. If you had just turned on the TV, not knowing that this was the US Open for the women, you would have no idea it was the US Open based on Ji's reaction to draining the putt. I mean, she just made a great comeback (after the double bogey on the back 9), and won the most prolific tournament in women's golf with a birdie on the 72nd hole, and it looked like she hardly cared.

And then, the worst part was the interview afterwards. She could not even answer the questions in English. Now look, I'm not saying that every player should be required to speak English like they tried to impose before, but it just doesn't help the sport when an interview after the US Open cannot be conducted in English.
ToddRobb says:
Thanks Matt, but screw the politically correct police, I agreed with them for trying to impose English for their players. It would translate into more money, endorsements and marketing for all involved. I would like to see her try to do the "after a major win TV tour" without being able to speak the language. When Camilo Villegas came to this country he couldn't speak English, now he speaks it fluently and has several lucrative endorsement deals.
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