Are You Buying Fake Golf Clubs?
By Kickntrue on 7/13/09
I can't imagine anything worse than thinking I found a great steal of a deal on clubs, buying them (still for hundreds) and then finding out they were fake. In a lot of ways, I think I'd rather just live in the fantasy world that they are the real deal.

Obviously, some people would like to know. Here is a link to a couple videos of someone with much more expertise than me explaining how to spot a fake club. Too bad a lot of these clubs are being sold online and you can't inspect them up close. Still, hopefully it will save you getting burned.

If you've already been burned in the past, just remember two things, 1) if you get a jury of 12 golfers you won't be convicted, but 2) you don't pick the jury. :)

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Josekuhn says:
I have never bought fake clubs through ebay. I buy most of my stuff their but I never go after the high buzz clubs or anything that is current. For example, I only buy wilson irons.
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