Win (Buy) Golf With Rory
By Kickntrue on 7/13/09
You can play golf with Rory McIlroy. All you have to do is outbid everyone else on earth by tomorrow afternoon. It's great marketing though, by his people to call it "winning." I guess though- since the money goes to charity- it does kind of make someone in this ordeal a winner (though I'm still not sure it's the buyer). The auction winner gets 3 spots along with Rory as well as tickets to see young McIlroy match up against Padraig Harrington in the Lough Erne Challenge only July 22nd.

All bids are final tomorrow. The leading bid is currently at $14,500. I'm guessing they expected bids to be higher since the next "available" bid is $17k, a pretty steep jump.

If you weren't aware of this- and decide to bid, make sure to invite me to be in your foursome. I mean... you wouldn't have known about it without me, right?

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Johnn04 says:
Actually Ive known about it since before day 1 lol
thetalentedmrripley says:
if everyone in the world were bidding, the price would definitely be higher than 14,500...
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