Get Excited- British Open
By Kickntrue on 7/14/09
It's easy to get excited about a major once they start playing, but I feel like the British Open is the hardest to get excited for BEFORE it starts.

ESPN's Gene Wojciechowski paints a pretty good picture for us of what it's like in Scotland this week. He bitches and moans about his accommodations and the crazy driving, but how all of that just adds to the charm of the whole event.
Augusta National is an azaleas and pines time warp. The U.S. Open is a joyless grind, the golf equivalent of taking the bar exam. The PGA, through no fault of its own, is usually a majors afterthought. But the British Open comes at the perfect time of summer, on sometimes bizarre-looking links courses, in weather so fickle that it changes its mind every five minutes.

You've got to love a tournament where most of the Royal & Ancient championship committee members look like they flew Spitfires in the Battle of Britain. And by the way, the RAF used the No. 12 fairway at Turnberry's Ailsa Course as a runway in World War II.
Okay... I'm warming up. Now- if I can just get myself up in the middle of the night on Wednesday to watch. Again- a little disappointed in the viewing rights. I'm probably not going to wake up at 3am to watch, but I'd like to know if I did, that it'd be on. Nothing frustrates me more than watching something I know has already taken place, especially being as attached to the internet as I am. Even if I don't want to- I find out accidentally. I digress...

Anyone have any early predictions?

British Open Preview

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nickmomrik says:
I'm going to go out on a limb and pick Tiger.
Kickntrue says:
@mtdewvirus- pretty thick limb. I think it will hold me too.
mjaber says:
My top 10:

Geoff Ogilivy
David Duval
Steve Stricker
Jim Furyk
Tiger Woods
Greg Norman
Rory McIlroy
Miguel Angel Jimenez
Lucas Glover
Padraig Harrington

I haven't set the order yet, and I might drop Harrington and Jimenez before Thursday. Maybe add Kenny Perry and/or Els.
mmontisano says:
Soren Kjeldsen or Lee Westwood.

call it blasphemous, but i find this major to be my absolute favorite. mainly because of the history. it's the oldest championship in the world. how AWESOME is that!
bducharm says:
Me, like mtdewvirus, is going out on a limb and picking Tiger!!!
blackhawk says:
Top 10 in no particular order

Tiger Woods
Jim Furyk
Hunter Mahan
Lee Westwood
Ian Poulter
Steve Stricker
Henrik Stensen
Geoff Oglivy
Padraig Harrington
Miguel Angel Jimenez

I think the two Opens are my favorite majors.
Lerxst says:
Very exctited!


not sure about order, but thats my story and Im stick'n to it.... and my wife ummm Morgan Fairchild -- whom I've seen naked. :0
activesense says:
I like Kymer for the win, with Tiger in the top 5.
mankowa says:
Whenever there is a chance of a streaker running out on the fairway, you have to be excited. I played Muirfield a month before the Open was there and it was raining, blowing 30, and cold. To top it off, my best freind hit it into the only gorse plant on the course, it was the most fun I've ever had on a golf course!!!
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