Coke Smuggler Caught For Not Knowing Golf
By Kickntrue on 7/14/09
A woman flying from Jamaica to England was caught trying to smuggle a kilo of cocaine in a set of golf clubs after not being able to answer simple golf questions.
Mike O'Grady, HM Revenue and Customs assistant director for criminal investigations in the North West, said: "When Dryer was asked questions about golf, it was clear that she was totally unfamiliar with the game and she had no legitimate reason for travelling with the sports equipment.


Officers from the UK Border Agency discovered -รบ83,000 worth of the Class A drug concealed within the struts of her golfbag and golf clubs.
I SOOO wish there were more details here. What was she asked? Was it something like where are you playing or what did you shoot? Was it something spcific to the game like a question about the clubs? There is so much more I need to know about this- but for now... I'll live with it just being awesome!

Too bad Kayti Ella Dryer doesn't check out oobgolf or she'd be $116K richer and without a mugshot all over the internet. On the other hand... I wouldn't have this great post, so I guess one less reader/user made me the big winner of the day!


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Eddy Whitaker says:
whitbrown says:
Question; Has anyone used Is it legit? the prices are too low for me to be sure. If it is then we are all in luck. Can someone please let me know? thanks guys
jjgibb0 says:
Well, is still available as a domain name, so I don't think that's what you mean. looks like a site out of Europe or Asia and I would definetly not be giving them my credit card number.

Just follow one simple rule and you'll be okay: If it looks too good to be true, it probably is.
Kickntrue says:
@whitbrown- question: what's that have to do with smuggling coke? answer (since you asked): that is not a real site. I wouldn't buy anything through those links.
helfon says:
Posting random links on unrelated articles is just trolling for google juice and free advertising aka spam
twood says: = fake clubs = stay away
whitbrown says:
haha ok thanks everyone. I figured as much
themonk011 says:
Back to the article... Maybe they are using rules questions as a new security measure? Like "if your ball hits your partner's ball on the green, what do you do?" Get it wrong and off to the little room! :)
Kickntrue says:
Update: I read from another source that she was asked her handicap. It was casual even- and then she was clueless. That's how it all started. The moral of the story- use oob to post scores so you know your handicap.
falcon50driver says:
Well, there goes another great idea I had, involving cricket bats.
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