Tecmo Super Bowl Star A Golf Criminal
By Kickntrue on 7/14/09
Any avid sports gamer knows 1991 changed sports' video games forever when Tecmo Super Bowl for the NES was released. That's why I know who Hassan Jones is. Jones, who was the Vikings 3rd best receiving option in the game (after Chris and Anthony Carter of course) was arrested for swinging his Callaway Big Bertha at his wife and daughter.
Arrest affidavits say he armed himself with a Callaway Big Bertha driver and started swinging it at his daughter and wife, screaming that he was going to strike them in the head with the golf club. He also hit the walls around them as he made his threats, jail affidavits say.

He is also accused of grabbing his adult daughter by her left arm, pulling her out of her vehicle, and dragging her across some concrete while she was on her knees, the affidavits say. Jones then sat on top of her and held her by her throat until his wife knocked him off her, the affidavits say.
Sounds like a classy individual. Remind me not to play with the Vikings any more on Tecmo- they can join the banned list along with cheat teams San Fancisco, LA (the Raiders) and Kansas City (when Christian Okoye is in "Excellent").

And now for my last zing... does it surprise anyone that Jones went to Florida State University?

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And because we should celebrate the happier times of Tecmo Super Bowl... here is a video of Christian Okoye running 1 play for an entire quarter. Awesome!

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Lerxst says:
Crazy :/ Where do you get this stuff?
bducharm says:
LOVE the dig at FSU (my wife is a Gator!) and being a life long Packer fan, there is no shortage of disdain for any Viking!!!
Eddy Whitaker says:
haha fsu
activesense says:
After the Brett Favre as Vikings QB stories, I quit following the Vikes. WORST SIGING EVER.
If it wasn't for the 3M championships in Blaine, MN last weekend I would have left Minnesota already for somewhere they have golf all year round. Although, I don't think my wife and kids want to move so I guess I am stuck with the golf simulator from October - April.
Shankapotamus says:
Great video. I'm from KC and that brings back memories of the Nigerian Nightmare from when I was a kid.
KentDepue says:
Best game ever
leeheppjr says:
Okoye was actually best in "Good", when in "excellent" they were very apt to get hurt. Brings back very good memories, skipping class to participate in tournaments.
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