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Indian Army Golf Cart Scandal
By Kickntrue on 7/15/09
The Indian Army spent 10 million rupees on "silent reconnaissance vehicles for missions beyond enemy lines." By that they meant "golf carts."
This week, however, it was revealed that they had bought 22 golf buggies, several of which were deployed to patrol the army's Shivalik Golf Course in Chandigarh.

The scandal emerged in a scathing audit of the military's recent spending by India's civil servants after army chiefs were given powers over their expanding budgets to combat terrorism.
Audits! Seriously, they'll get you every time!

Kind of hilarious and kind of sad at the same time. I guess I'm glad it was in India, so I can laugh. Of course- if I actually looked to see where my hard earned tax money is really going, I'd probably be more pissed than this. Plus 10 million rupees is "only" $206K USD.

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activesense says:
What better place to learn how to use specialized army equipment than in the habitat it was designed for? They can practice defending themselves against a barrage of golf balls, the preferred weapon of their enemy. Also they will be able to learn the correct method of disarming Hassan Jones and similar club weilding foe. That is forward thinking from the Indian Army.
falcon50driver says:
Thanks for the currency conversion, I figured 10 million rupees would be about enough for two golf carts.
bawajaggi says:
Better to buy golf carts than the US Army paying 15K for a toilet.
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