No HDTV For British Open
By Kickntrue on 7/15/09
In news that ruined my last night... The British Open this weekend won't be in HD.
Thanks to the backwards BBC, you won't be able to watch the British Open in HDTV this week. Not even on American broadcast partners TNT and ABC. The reason is that TNT and ABC have to use the international feed provided by the BBC, and that feed will be in standard definition, the 2009 equivalent of a black-and-white broadcast. (TNT and ABC will "up convert" the standard definition feed for HD broadcast, but that will just allow people to see the broadcast in full-screen format -- in other words, no black bars.)
Of course TNT and ABC would be willing to haul their own gear over and make it happen, except the tv contracts in place require the US broadcast partners to take the world feed.

So annoying- but when you're watching this weekend blame the BBC, not ABC or TNT. If you're not sure why it matters, this picture shows it pretty well.

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greendevil says:
That does suck. I now loath watching tv in standard definition; especially sports. HD has me spoiled.
klangdon says:
So if your able to watch it on the BBC in UK is it HD? Are they just screwing international viewers?
Kickntrue says:
I got the impression that the BBC doesn't do HD, which is the feed everyone else is getting.
HotBacon says:
Absolutely horrible. I most likely will not be able to put up w/ more than 10 minutes of it this weekend. This is the main reason I don't watch more LPGA HD = crap.
jjgibb0 says:
Yeah, I didn't take a second mortgage for my Plasma for nothing! I guess I'll have to watch baseball or maybe even talk to my family. No wait...I'll go golfing! Shweeew.
falcon50driver says:
Television has proven that people will look at ANYTHING to avoid looking at each other.
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