Hijacker Found In Golf Course Pond
By Kickntrue on 7/15/09
So a bad guy comes up to your car and tries to hijack it. You go "Nothing To Lose" on the dude and he ends up dead and floating in a golf course pond. That's pretty much this story out of Ohio.
Investigators believe a man whose body was discovered in a northeast Ohio golf course pond is the same person suspected in an attempted carjacking on the Ohio Turnpike.

Neel says the death of 38-year-old Floyd Robinson of Youngstown is considered an accidental drowning. An autopsy was done yesterday.

The patrol says Robinson appeared to need assistance and was picked up by a motorist Thursday. The driver said an attempt was made to take his car. After a struggle, the suspect got out and ran toward Boulder Creek Golf Club in Streetsboro, where the body was found Monday.
Everything in this story sounds awesome and for the good guys, except for the one thing I can't figure out. This happened in Ohio- and fending off a hijacker doesn't seem like something a Buckeye would do. It doesn't really say- maybe the guy was driving through Ohio on his way back to Pennsylvania or something- that would make more sense (Two college zings in two days. Who wants it next?).

At any rate- if anyone is from Ohio (I've seen your avitars all over the site) and is familiar with this story or course- please fill us in. It sounds pretty intense.

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Boulder Creek Golf Club, Streetsboro, OH

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mmontisano says:
lay off us Ohioans. just because we can get to the final championship game in every sport conceivable, and not win it, doesn't mean we don't have any fight in us.
lazorbeam says:
The dude was probably from Michagan and come down here for a breath a fresh air.
Nethmonkey says:
if the hijacker had been from florida, the guy woulda been screwed right?! yeah?
freaking florida
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