It's Elementary My Dear Watson
By Kickntrue on 7/16/09
I woke up this morning, rushed to my tv and realized I was in a time warp. It appears to be 1977; my telvision showed Tom Watson as the leader of The Open Championship.

Last year we had the Greg Normal resurgance and yes, it is very early... but if we have Tom Watson stick around for a couple days near the top of the leaderboard it will be even better. Watson shot a 65 on (what appears to be) favorable scoring conditions for Round 1.

You can follow the action by turning on TNT (in the USA) in stretch-out HD or online in the following places:

Official Site
iPhone App
ESPN Live Blog

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Lerxst says:
I couldnt believe my eyes when I saw the leaderboard! I think it would be awsome and of course a history maker if he pulls it off. Go Tom!
bducharm says:
VERY cool for Watson. The weather forecast doesn't look good so we'll see how it goes!!!
Kickntrue says:
The day is over for the most part- but I didn't realize it was also online live- Now you have that for tomorrow.
Shankapotamus says:
Top is representing for KC! It's awesome to see a local guy leading the open. I hope he can remain in contention through the weekend. The Chiefs and Royals aren't giving us anything to root for these days.
cjgiant says:
Go Tom!!! It's long shot, but maybe he can at least stay near the top so I can get to watch him on the weekend.
Dirty Dough says:
Tom Watson is the balls.
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