Time Zones And Watching Sports
By Kickntrue on 7/16/09
Waking up with golf on tv is great but I almost feel like it's too great- I've missed a whole set of tee times.

Everytime I visit west of the eastern time zone of the US, and especially when I get the whole way out to the pacific time zone, I think the same thing- "I've got to move here- just to watch more sports." What's the best thing about living in San Diego? It's not the weather; it's waking up at 10am on a Sunday and having the NFL on to greet you. Major sporting telecasts on the second you get home from work... it's a beautiful thing. Really- the only relationship that would suffer with me living on the West Coast would be the one with my pastor.

Of course- this all wraps back to golf and today with the Open Championship. The one time a year when we get to watch early morning golf being played hours ahead (+6 I believe for EST in the US). As great as the west coast of the US would be for American based sports, it has to suck for things like this British Open as well as events like Wimbledon and the French Open in tennis.

So I guess my questions is- with all factors considered, where is the best place to live to watch the most sports at the best times? I guess I'll be a homer- and say overall the Eastern Standard Time Zone in the USA has the best overall position. Sure there are some late nights, but it beats missing some things all together. I'd love some International commentor participation on this one!

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mjaber says:
I'm with you. The Eastern Time Zone in the US is the best time zone.
Shankapotamus says:
No need to debate. Central is the best. I'll let the arguments for and against the east and west coasts make my case for me.
bducharm says:
I agree with Shankapotamus - Central all the way!!!
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