Tiger's most impressive streak?
Tiger's Top 10 Streak
By Kickntrue on 7/16/09
It's not hard to be impressed with Tiger- but I still can't believe this; Tiger has finished in the Top 10 in 19 straight stroke-play events. I'm going to let that sink in...





He hasn't finished out of the Top 10 since the 2007 British Open where he finished 12th. With the weather to get ugly tomorrow, you'd have to think his round tomorrow will determine a lot. He's only 7 shots back but there are a lot of people between him and the top 10.

You'd have to bet on him getting it- but this is certainly one impressive streak that is in danger at this point.

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aaronw409 says:
I think since that 2007 British open, Phil is second in top ten finishes with like 15 or something.....but thats in about 35 tournaments. Tiger is 19 for 19.
jerdman says:
this is the tiger that I'm used to seeing. horrible first round in a major, then slowly grind his way up the leaderboard only to come up just short or win in dramatic fashion
Shooter McGavin says:
Once in a while you'll hear somebody say in conversation, "Yea, I think Tiger's starting to lose it." Clearly they're pointing to Tiger's 4 straight losses in major tourneys, but I can't even explain to urge I get to give them a quick punch to the jaw. What the hell kind of standards do some people hold him to when stats such as these are floating around, yet they are continually ignored? If anything, Tiger is just starting to reach his peak. I can't wait until he gets to 19 majors...then finishes around 25 so I can rub it in the face of these pessimistic bastards.
Bryan K says:
Another thing to consider...there is no doubt that Tiger has raised the bar as far as golf skill goes. Anyone think his competition is better now than it was ten years ago?
mmontisano says:
and the entire year of 2007, he was out of the top 10 only 4 times. how do people think he's NOT the greatest player EVER yet? i seriously don't know what he needs to do to convince them.
ayparekh says:
@hackman - Tiger haters will NEVER get it!! if they do get it, they will never accept it....maybe Phil or Sergio or Vijay can come out one day and say "TIGER is the best ever to tee up a ball"....but hey, thats what makes the discussion fun.
jwilder78 says:
Tiger is the most underrated player in golf, he is a god. The amazing thing last night, on the Golf Channel, they showed his entire list of missed cuts as a pro -- and it had only 6 or 7 entries on it! His ENTIRE career, he's only missed the cut a handful of times. It's just unthinkable. I agree with Shooter 100%, these clowns who say "Tiger's done in majors, he sucks now" need a smack in the chops. Anyone who actually watches the tournaments sees that when he has his A game, he's unbeatable. When he can't do anything right, he still finishes top 10. Those idiots should just go back to SportsCenter for all of their golf information.
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