Cleary I need to get a pack of these.
6 Year Old Aces Hole With SpongeBob Ball
By Kickntrue on 7/17/09
Someday I'll get a hole in one. Someday I'll get a hole in one. Someday I'll get a hole in one. [opens eyes] I hate this kid.
Braeden Furlow teed up his SpongeBob SquarePants ball from about 85 yards out, picked up a 3-wood and made a solid hit that bounced twice on the fairway before landing in the hole. Some golfers go their whole lives without marking down a "1." Braeden's hole-in-one was his first, but that shouldn't be a surprise GÇö he's all of 6 years old.


Neither of Braeden's parents has ever hit a hole-in-one, but they say he hasn't rubbed it in.
"He handled it like a little gentleman," his father said. "He's been humble about it and we've talked about not bragging about it."
"Little gentleman" my butt. I heard the little ... err, punk, stiffed the tab in the clubhouse after drinks had been ordered. He claimed he spent all his allowance on his SpongeBob balls.

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Changed out says:
I just got my fourth hole in one last week on a 190 yard 7-Iron that I never saw go in the hole because the sun was in my eyes. I looked in front of the green and then behind it. I finally noticed a divot about 5 feet in front of the hole that looked fresh and what do you know there's my ball.
Kickntrue says:
@hacker 83 - you seem like a nice enough guy.... but I can't stop hating you right now.
greendevil says:
On the par 3's I'm playing, I can't even get the ball within 10 yards of a hole from the tee, let alone sink the dang thing.

As poor as my GIR on par 3's is right now; hitting the green-in-one is almost as rare as a hole-in-one.
seanfletcher says:
Being humble...interesting thought eh??
Lerxst says:
Thats what Im playing right now - maybe Ill get an ace....but then again maybe not.
Phanz88 says:
Damn I gotta get me a pack of those balls
Mjw71772 says:
I dont need those balls, I need to find a course that has 85 yard par 3's. That may help me out. I can hit a wedge pretty good. I have come within 4 inches of an ace, but that is it. As far as someone having 4 so far, all I can say is go find the guy who aced a few holes at pebble beach in one round. I dont remember if it was 2 or 3, but still more than one in a lifetime is just icing.
birdieXris says:
Never had an ace. Closest was a spun wedge for a lip-out a couple weeks ago. Gotta hand it to the kid tho. I'd have been riding that 3 wood down rthe fairway and I'm 28 ! Hahaha just for number 1 tho.
cspargolf says:
Screw the Pro V1's I getting the Sponge Bob balls.
cspargolf says:
There is a course in Myrtle Beach, Heather Glen which has a plaque stating that the same golfer had two aces on the same hole on the same day with the same ball!!!
TaylormadeGolfer says:
i agree with kickntrue. honestly bro... i cared for about 5 seconds then i was over it but that was a good storytime for me though.
DeepRough says:
Those SpongeBob balls are the bomb ;)
props123 says:
I have hit the flag pole several times. Never an Ace though. I think Patrick Balls would be better than spongebob balls.
llducelex says:
Does an Ace count on a 30 yard pitch and putt hole??? I hope so!!
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