Nice picture, Morris.
Cink's Psychologist Takes Full Credit
By Kickntrue on 7/20/09
Stewart Cink won this weekend... thanks of course to his sports psychologist, Dr. Morris Pickens. Just ask him.
What do Stewart Cink, winner of the British Open and Lucas Glover, winner of the U.S. Open have in common? They both used their unbelievable talent and the "Learn to Win" system we have worked on to maintain their composure and display the patience of a true champion ....

Although I have only worked with Stewart since May 19th, 2 months to the day, I am not surprised he was able to play this well today. He has incredible talent and by helping him find the few needed tweaks (mainly in putting), he was able to turn things around rather quickly. After Lucas Glover winning the U.S. Open, it is especially gratifying to see another great student (and person) get rewarded with such a great victory. ...
There is more, but I've played enough of his commercial. Seriously, I buy that this guy may have had something to do with Cink's mindset, but how about you give Stewart a couple days to congratulate everyone he needs to, you included, instead of going and making public statements about how awesome you are.

What do you guys think? How much of a difference can a sports psychologist make? You buying what the Doctor's selling?

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TaylormadeGolfer says:
I think it makes a big difference in your mindset and how you manage your attitude on the course,but Cink played great golf this last week not because of the "Learn to Win" system but because he is a good player and deserves everything he earns. You dont go and beat one of the great players ever in golf one on one in a playoff for The Open and solely attribute it to "Learn to Win". This guy is a piece of work.
falcon50driver says:
Cink didn't mention this guy because he doesn't want everybody to know his real secret to winning. If everybody finds out about Dr Mo, then he'll lose his edge.
Barroomhero says:
That guys picture is freakin me out
M.Nugent says:
Looks like George W Bush. Mixed with an ugly horse
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