Best/Worst Golf Cliches
By Kickntrue on 7/23/09
Sports provides many great things, including some of life's best and worst cliches.

Sometimes it's enough to make you sick. Here are a couple of my favorites from a site I found called It takes cliches from all different sports and is worth a look. I think I'm going to start writing entire posts of nothing but these sports' cliches. It'll change the complexion of the whole game!

I'm sure you guys have some other favorites. Get good enough at spouting these at the right moment and you too can be on SportsCenter.

He's a proven winner.
He has a passion for the game.
He's a serious student of the game.
He has a great feel for the game.
You can't say enough about him.
He's the real deal.
He's in a league of his own.
He's silenced all the critics.
He's silenced all the naysayers.
Well Jim, that's the best he could have done from there.
It's a game of inches.
It's going down to the wire.
It's a real pressure cooker.
The fans are getting their money's worth.

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skirchner says:
Never Up Never In!!!!
skirchner says:
He's brought his A Game today
patricio says:
So near and yet so far
jbird899 says:
I love the player interviews and everytime oe player will say "I just gotta go out tomorow and play my game"
GolfSmith7 says:
He refused to lose!
greendevil says:
I've always liked "He's as cool as the other side of the pillow".
jvwvu says:
Effing Johnny Miller's Line "Nobody hates bogeys more that Tiger"
JDoughMO says:
"I just took it one shot at a time and played my game"
bducharm says:
I always loved it when Bob Rosburg said "He's got nothing" and the player pulls the shot off!!!
Changed out says:
He couldn't hit that shot again if you gave him a bucket of balls.
gonixxgo says:
Hit it through the trees it is 90% air....yeah so is a screen door.
PingRhoda says:
try listening to a Nascar interview. You'll get some fun stuff outa there. "The car ran good"
Bryan K says:
"Get in the hole!"
"Right down the middle!"
"Come back!"
"Chip and a putt!"
"I hope you brought your towel because you're on the beach!"
ayparekh says:
"Miss on the pro side, not on the low side"
matthewgroehl says:
"Better than most!"
activesense says:
How could he miss that putt, my grandma could have made that one.
falcon50driver says:
It ain't over til it's over, It ain't over til the fat lady sings. Does your husband play golf too? Don't get your panties in a wad. Call a cop,you were robbed. John Madden.."Now that guy can play some FOOTBALL" No shit John , and they're paying you how much to make comments like that?
HotBacon says:
You picked your head up.
The Full Monty says:
That shot would have been perfect if it didn't go right!
Changed out says:
You were/I was lined up that way.
dpoimboeuf says:
God, I hit that exactly like I wanted too, but it just didn't...
MAPster says:
"he willed that ball into the cup"
DRUMatthias says:
Boom Shaka Laka. Damn that saying.
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