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British Open Wrapup
By Kickntrue on 7/20/09
I've linked a couple posts from the blogosphere on the British Open including one on why it's actually good that Tom Watson didn't win. Before you read it- you should know it's somewhat tongue and cheek, but argues that him winning would've inspired old people to think they were useful (in the sports world), and raised a whole new generation of Brett Favre's. It's funny- and should be read that way.

Why Watson Losing Is Good (link contains strong language)

The second is a somewhat surprising analysis considering the source (With Leather) is more well known for stupid sports' stories and pictures of woman in bikinis, but it takes a look at something called "Bad Leaderboard Syndrome" that basically exists when heading into the weekend there are no top draws in the top of the leaderboard. The writer also makes an argument that golf is so different from other sports because they are battling the course and the weather, not so much each other- and that's why Tiger Woods doesn't have the same "front-runner envy" like athletes like Tom Brady or the New York Yankees. It's definitely worth a read.

Bad Leaderboard Syndrome

Finally, a post by Geoff Shackelford on his favorite comments by Tom Watson in the post round press conference yesterday when he took some digs both the R & A as well as Augusta National on their course setups. When asked if he'd like to keep playing majors, he basically said he'd love to, but it has to be on courses he can compete on based on weather and conditions. He doesn't think he'll be able to compete next year at St Andrews because of a couple holes that are impossible for him to even reach.

Will We See More Watson?

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