Someone Stole Trump's Golf Cart
By Kickntrue on 7/20/09
Everyone at Trump National Golf Club-Bedminster knows cart number 13 is reserved for Donald. Well, except for the person who took it.

Less than four hours into Donald Trump's first USGA sanctioned event (on any of his courses) the unthinkable happened.
He was seen scooting around the grounds in the early morning catching some of the top players and parked his lucky No. 13 cart down by the garage to watch some action.

When he came back, it wasn't there -- and worse, his cell phone was in the cart.

"Mr. Trump was not happy," said one volunteer.
I wonder if anyone had to face the wrath of "The Donald." Can you imagine that man staring you down one on one, looking straight into your face and shouting, "You're Fired!"? Oh- you can... you've seen that show too?

At any rate- Donald got his cart back and all is good. No word yet on suspects (it seems it was an accident) but I have my suspicions. I recall seeing a message from someone on oob (next to last comment), about being headed that way!

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mjaber says:
Was Rosie O'Donnell at the tournament?
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