Rick Rhoden back in the day...
The Other Major Golf Event
By Kickntrue on 7/21/09
With all of the British Open fallout- I didn't get a chance to post a story about the other major golf event of the weekend, The Lake Tahoe Celebrity Championship (what you thought I was going to say the John Deere?). Former MLB pitcher Rick Rhoden won his 8th title at the event moving his career earnings at Tahoe to $1.13M. To put that into perspective when he pitched the most he ever made in a season was $900k. And while Watson couldn't close the deal at 59, Rhoden had no problem closing the door on his opponents at age 56.

I'll tell you what- this was fun to watch. The modified stableford scoring was so fun- and provided great scoring swings. I was really into watching the event. Of course it doesn't hurt that half the crowd is in bikinis and going nuts.

The first link is the story of the event as well as a video of Sir Charles Barkley's new swing in action. The second I had to include, but I should warn you it's PG-13 1/2. It's the story of a bachelorette party, an inflatable male organ balloon, Michael Jordan and how it all ended up being caught live by NBC cameras.

Full Story
Bachelorette Party Story

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mjaber says:
I wonder if anyone has ever thought about a "pro athlete" tour. Current and/or retired players from other pro sports. I'd be willing to bet that, because of the names, it could be bigger than the LPGA. Imagine Jordan and Elway in a final pairing on Sunday...
Kickntrue says:
Interesting. It'd def be bigger than LPGA.
mjaber says:
It could be the "oobgolf" pro athlete tour!!!! :)
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